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                Through constant efforts over many years, the scale has leaping development. We are a high and new technology manufacturer and exporter in China which is mainly specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of induction lamps and LED Lights.

                Established in 2008, Wuhu Fengyun Energy Technology Co.,Ltd has developed very quickly in this field. With the powerful technology support and advanced production and inspection devices, Fengyun products have exported to many regions and many countries.
                Along with several leading experts, our company has developed an excellent operation system consists of manufacturing, researching, marketing, and service.

              Our company has obtained ISO9001 quality certificate, TUV, SAA, ETL, UL, CE, FCC, CCC, CB, RoHS,ISO 9001,ISO14001 certification. And we have won numerous honors at home and abroad for our good quality, competitive prices and considerate services.
              We have been constantly pursuing to promote the development of the technology of energy saving and no- maintenance.
              We try to make great efforts for saving global energy resources, making our future brighter.
              We cordially welcome all customers to visit us and discuss business and place orders with us by any means of communication.
              We believe that with our best quality products and your marketing channel, we are certain to establish a lasting mutual benefit cooperation relationship with you.
              We welcome you to visit and consult us!
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